Henna Mattila's photography investigates the relationship between memory and landscape, personal nostalgia and aesthetics of landscape. Combining the analogue techniques of photomontage with digital printing processes, the images depict fragmented landscapes inspired by Mattila's sporadic returns to her home in Finland whilst living in England. The work questions how identity is created through an individual's surroundings, through the separation from, and then return back to familiar environments that, "seem different and yet somehow the same".

The artworks have been created combining landscape and nature photography, creating the aesthetics of exploring the personal nostalgic experience of returning to the landscapes of significant personal attachment. The places in the pictures represent the melancholic experience and response to the feeling of being estranged, while being exposed to the feeling of transience and homelessness when living abroad. The images are without human element but evoke the feeling of a lone presence.

The pictures are an attempt to visualise the landscapes as places to visit without destination when exploring the definition of self, while having sharpening perception towards one's surroundings. The images are a celebration of the beauty found in the silent details of nature and changes of colour, light and season. The several series of images are individual chapters of separate visual approaches to the same questions of identity, aimless wanders in nature and how one exists in relationship to their surroundings and to themselves.


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